Re: Bromelain

Posted by Diane R. on 1/12/99
Robin's correct it should be Bromelain. Sometimes my fingers are faster than my brain. I have been taking it 2-3 times a day when I can remember to take it that often... and so far my shoulder is still very tender.. but it could be worse and has been so maybe it is helping and I would be in really tough shape without it?? Who knows. I will keep up the glucosamine and the bromelain for at least a month in combo. I may also start taking some Biotin (I think it's called) - these are supplements recommended by a "naturalist" or is it "naturopath" on a web site - I think from Prevention Magazine. Sometimes you can get far afield when surfing a topic. I started under torn rotar cuff and ended up with natural aids to reduce inflammation. Diane R. 19:42:54

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