Re: Active Release Technique

Posted by Ruth Morrow on 1/13/99
There are very few Active Release (ART) practitioners (they are chiropractors). I had my PF treated by Dr. Joe Leahy in Los Gatos, CA (408) 358-7900. His brother, Dr. Mike Leahy, is in Colorado and he has a book with a list of all people trained in ART. His number is (719) 473-7000. I know one person who had ART from someone in Fullerton, CA that was not successful, but the treatment she received did not sound like the treatment I received; my inference is that chiropractors, even those trained in ART, are just like any other doctors: some are great, some are duds.

By the way, when I went to Dr.J. Leahy I couldn't put down my foot and was walking on my toe. After one treatment I could walk normally, although it took about 8 sessions to get rid of the PF completely. He also tells me that he can treat tarsal tunnel with ART (as well as carpal tunnel). Best of luck. 00:25:51

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