Re: How long does it take to go away?

Posted by Elise on 1/13/99

I don't know when my PF will go away completely, but I would say I am 40-50% improved after 4.5 months (I started with an acute case in both feet) . I have made the most progress since I started seeing a physical rehabilitation doctor last month. He started me out with 2 stretching exercises, and adds to the routine every two weeks. He has been in practice a long time and said he has never had a patient who does not get better as long as I am patient - I'm hoping not to be the one to break his record.
He said most patients are fully recovered in 6 months.

I don't know what your insurance is, but I only have a $5 copay to see the director of physical rehabilitation at our local hospital, $10 to see a physical therapist, and $60 to see an accupuncturist which is not covered. 08:32:18

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