Re: How long should an orthotic last?

Posted by Janine on 1/13/99
A good pair of orthotics will usually last up to 6 years or more with proper maintainence and care. A better idea than buying a new pair would be to have your current orthotics refurbished. The padding and covering will be replaced as needed and the cost is substantially less than a new pair of orthotics. Having them refurbished periodically will drastically increase the life of your orthotics.

Our lab charges $68.50 for this procedure, and $169.50 for a new pair of orthotics from a new cast, made from a kit that we provide for you.

Visit my site for more info on refurbishing, or feel free to email me at with any further questions you might have.

Good Luck.
Janine 12:21:26

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