CHAT!!!!! (kinda long)

Posted by Becky on 1/13/99
This message board saves me. No one understands except you guys. Anyway, I have been with this board a long time and have tried and tried and tried to get a chat going. Scott has even tried several times to set one up for us. One sure chat that has taken place has been on aol. For those of you on aol (mine is I have put you on a special PF Friends buddy list so when I see you on I hollar at you. Some of you are busy, some of you chat. One afternoon three of you were on and I invited you to my private chat room. IT worked, you came and it was a great group for about thirty minutes. Helped us all cope.
Anyway, if you are on aol you can post your address and I'll hollar when there are several of us. OK, tonight is Wed the thirteenth. IF you read this and want to chat go to the delphi chat board ( you can find it at the bottom of the blue screen where you find the Message Board link). YOu have to register then press chat rooms in the upper left corner and we'll see if it works. It is almost 6 (EST). Some of you are not home yet. Try on the hour every hour. We'll see if it works. Hopefully by 10 pm EST we should have a good group going. Anyway, let's try tonight on the hour, every hour to chat. So, I'll try to get in in a few minutes at 6 pm, if no one shows in like five minutes, I'll try again at 7, then at 8, then at 9 etc. We'll see how far we get. Sorry for the longness~ Becky 16:57:46

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