Re: Physical Therapy and exercises

Posted by Barbara on 1/13/99
Hi Deborah--I have not gotten them yet but the process by which my foot was measured was different--I stood on a pin hole board where the pins came up under the arch. This transfers to a computer which makes an exact image of your foot. The inserts are not the hard plastic I wore (at $400) which did nothing for me. I will find out what the name of them is when I pick them up on Tuesday and let you know here. They cost $190 but hopefully my insurance will cover most of this cost. I also don't know if they will help but am hopeful. I was told several times by the guy who owns the store that icing is a great relief because it reduces the inflammation. Will start this again also. So here's for a go at stretching and strengthening exercises, icing, new orthotics, and anti-inflammatories. This is my regimen for the next few months at least. I hope it works because today I am in quite a bit of pain and feeling very low. Best of luck to all in whatever you find works best. 18:57:59

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