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Posted by Sandy in Ohio on 1/13/99
My podiatrist recommended that I always wear heels; no flats. I wear about 1 inch to 1-1/2 inch heels. Not that does not mean high heels or "spiked" heels. I prefer pumps and also shoes that have height: a heel that is not more than 1-1/2 inch. I do exercise, but watch my feet. I stretch before I exercise; then I ride my bike for about 15-20 minutes. If I feel a tightness in my foot, I usually back down on my time. I started physical therapy today; it seems encouraging, but the therapist told me that this will never go away. The PT helps on relief. I have 5 more sessions to go. I have special stretching exercises for my foot. You are right; we are not alone as my family does not seem to understand the pain I experience. Does your family help you out? Keep me informed on what you are doing also to help relieve the pain. I look forward to this board for support!
By the way,I do not buy discount shoes. I buy rather expensive shoes (on sale if I can find them on sale) which is another thing my dr told me--never buy shoes from discount stores. 19:37:08

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