good news about my mothers Ossatron treatment

Posted by Roelinde on 1/14/99
My mother received the Ossatron treatment in the Netherlands in November. The machine she was treated with was not actually called Ossatron, but Flexatron (if I am correct), but the principle is the same, it generates shock waves. After 5-6 weeks she started to notice improvements. Before the treatment she was basically in a wheelchair almost 100% of her time. Now she is gradually increasing her walking (on custom-made orthopaedic shoes). She feels it is getting better almost on a daily basis! Next Monday (the 18th Jan.) she will get a second treatment, and she hopes this will improve her feet even more. She has experienced no side-effects of the shock wave therapy, apart from pain during the treatment and during the first night afterwards. So, so far it has been very successful for her. I hope that more of you sufferers from PF will get a chance to try this! 06:10:06

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