Re: Fellow suffers PLEASE help!!!!

Posted by Dayna on 1/14/99
The best advice is to

1) go back and read some of the old posts, they go back a long way so just do a few at a time.
2) come back each day and read the new posts.
3) keep us informed, tell us what your pain is like, where is it, when does it flare up, what doctors have you seen, what have they said, what impact is it having on your normal activities, etc.
4) know that we all care, you can come here and complain, rant and rave, whine, vent, SCREAM, express your fears and frustrations, know that we all understand and no one here will think any less of you for feeling what you feel.
5) tell us what works and what doesn't, we're all looking for ideas of things to try, what works for some doesn't work for others and vice versa. 11:31:52

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