Re: Megan

Posted by Dayna on 1/14/99
Isn't the military wonderful? Passing the Army APFT without running is nearly impossible, even boogieing walking really fast you can't always make it in the time allotted, and if we could boogie really fast walking we wouldn't have PF. Have you tried getting a dispensation/exemption from that part of the test, are you full-time or reserve. I know reserve people who have to take a day off of work every 30 days to get reexamined at the VA because an exemption only lasts 30 days. Let us know what happens, try other aerobic activities such as bicycling or low-weight high-rep as fast as you can weightlifting to get you out of breath and cardio-pumping. You CAN adapt and overcome, AHua! 12:13:51

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