Re: Diffuse arch pain vs. pain focused in the heel -- not "classic" symptoms

Posted by Elise on 1/15/99

When I first got PF, I had acute pain in one very specific shot, and responded temporarily (1 week) to the cortizone shot. Now I have diffuse pain that moves around some - sometimes my arch, sometimes the side, sometimes toward the heel, but not directly under it. The current pain is more tolerable than the acute pain, but it is still limiting my activities to a great extent.
I had my second cortizone after I had moved from acute to diffuse pain and it did nothing - my doctor did not recommend the second shot because he said once the pain is not in one specific spot, cortizone shots don't help, and he was right.

I have never had morning pain that lessens. My pain is always least in the morning and gets worse as the day goes on depending on how much walking I do. 08:46:57

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