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Posted by Lyn on March 10, 1998 at 21:20:22:
In Reply to: Surgery for pf? posted by LindaG on March 08, 1998 at 00:47:26:
I've tried all the conservative measures, cortisone, physical therapy, massage, ultrasound, stretching, orthotics, night splint, immobilization. Nothing worked for the left foot. Massage helped the right foot to the point where it no longer gives me much pain. I've been in a cam boot walker for the last six weeks. The only thing that has done is prevented the right heel from flaring up because without the boot, I limp severely on the left and make the right one hurt.

I am have open surgery on Thursday. On Monday, I was snowed in at home so didn't wear the boot. I'm paying big time today. I am looking forward to surgery and hope the outcome is good. I will do exactly as my doctor says. Someone I know of has had the same surgery by this doc and has had wonderful results.

Statistics say that only 10% of people with PF will have to have surgery. Keep that in mind. And if cortisone shots hurt, then your doctor isn't doing it right. He/she should be numbing the skin with ethol chloride before injecting. He should be using small amounts of cortisone. They don't have to hurt.

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