Re: Thanks to Mephisto Shoes and someone on this board ........

Posted by lilhurricane on 1/15/99
i wear mephistos--i teach and i believe thatthey are the only reason i still have my job.. i often (still) try to justify the expense because i have to have more than one pair (and color). my pain in my right foot from april98 has been replaced with pain in my left..i read alot about people where the pain jumps..i just dont understand because all preventative and exercises are for both feet......i also think that my gait has been affected by all the different inserts..i found that after 3 months with the mephistos, i went back to their original just doesnt have cush--i bought thr runh-off--240.00..did feel well enough to walk disney world at thanksgiving..............until i got bursitis in my hip!!!!!! anyway thanks for listening?reading? being here 11:57:49

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