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Posted by Robin on 1/15/99
Hi Sharon. I tried lots and lots of Naots on about 2-3 weeks before I bought my first pair of Birks. I couldn't find one that really felt quite right. I kind of limped along with a pair of Eastlands for a couple of weeks, like you -- concerned about the outlay of cash for Birkenstocks. Then, I went to the Birkenstock store. The lady there spent a lot of time fitting me correctly. She said sometimes people don't get fitted correctly; usually they buy a size or two too large and then the arch is in the wrong place -- and their feet hurt worse.

Anyway, I got the basic Arizonas like everyone else. $87 for the shoes, $5 for the cork revitalizer, $6 for the Nubuck leather spray -- total of $107 with tax. Sharon, it was the best $107 I ever spent. Still is. Until Birks, I was a typical PF hobbler and stumbler. Now, I walk slow but I don't hobble. I know Naots have a padded heel which may be desirable for many people; I think Birks have greater structure for the arch and heel. Anyway, they work for me. I bought my first pair on Jan. 7th, and have already ordered a 2nd pair over the 'Net. I really hate spending so much money for kind of homely shoes -- but I sure do like being able to walk a bit. (I bet if you buy them and don't like them -- somebody on this board would be willing to buy them from you at a small discount!) 15:31:28

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