Had PF for 6 months now...I wish I had found this board earlier!!!!!

Posted by Ian F on 1/16/99
I am not alone! I have had PF for 6 months now and my doctor gave me a single sheet on PF at my consultation told me to put a insert in my shoe and it will get better in a month or so.....that was six months ago!!

I thought it was just me and I am not one to complain so I have been putting up with it ever since. BTW it has not improved in that time. It would appear from the reading the board that there really is not any magical cure, what works for one doesn't for the other...or is there a recommended standard for assiting us suffers that work in a majority of cases?

Does anyone know if given time PF goes away? How long is a "typical" bout of this dibilitating condition?

Again I am pleased I have found this board and hope your PF clears soon.


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