Re: What to do now??

Posted by Sandy in Utah on 1/16/99
CJ: I Had bilateral pf release on both feet on December 29th of 98 and am doing great!! (That is the cut...a 15 minute, $1400.00 procedure) Yesterday I was able to walk 1/4 mile and feel some tenderness but not a lot. Some pain on the outside of my feet, but this is to be expected, as I am favoring the outside of my foot to the inside. I am wearing shoes, orthodics and the only real pain I have is standing for more than a minute or so. I ice every night, massage my feet vigoriously in the evening and morning and have been very happy that I made this decision. I suffered for a ridiculous 4 years
and am now sick that so much time was wasted hurting. I don't know why you think you will have 3 months down time, that seems like a long time to me. Strapping, shots, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, water baths, boots, orthodics did not help. If you have tried everything, do the surgery. I have had very good luck and am delighted at the results so far. I think that the massage has been the trick! It hurts so good! 22:13:18

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