Ooh the pain!

Posted by Katie on 1/17/99
I'm just at the tail end of my plantar fasciitis. It started in earnest last April. I started getting cortisone injections in June through October of 1998. I have a right heel spur, but I have throbbing pain in the ball of my left foot that radiates to my toes. I had been getting the cortisone injections in-between two of my toes on my left foot. I had to give up nursing career because of the foot pain. Tomorrow I'm going out to look for a job in nursing & hope to not end up hobbling home! I still get the throbbing pain in my left ball of my foot-when driving! My foot is completely at rest. What the heck is up with that?
1cust101.tnt3.springfield2.ma.da.uu.net 21:23:57

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