Stegmann clogs worked!!!

Posted by Sirin on 1/17/99
I recently bought a pair of Stegmann wool clogs. I have been wearing them now for about a week off and on. I've been alternating between the Stegmann and a pair of Olsson Deluxe clog. The Olsson clog is great. It definitely can pass as a pair of work/dress shoes. My feet actually feel great tonight. I've been poking my fingers in both heels. And, I can't feel any pain at all!! I've been suffering now off and on for a few years. This is wonderful. I never thought this day would come.

In the last few weeks, I've tried all the vitamins that Scott suggested (Vitamin C, B-100 complex, E, and powdered ginger) along with daily stretching routine. For the last four days, I've not stretched at all nor take the vitamins. It has been tough because my mom-in-law passed away yesterday. I simply did not have time. I've concluded that it MUST be the combination of the shoes. I'm crossing my fingers that the pain will not come back! I would highly recommend both clogs. The Stegmann was $60 and the Olsson was $79. I'm still waiting for my Birks that I ordered in the mail. Even though it's a sad occasion at the moment, I have never felt so great physically! 23:04:32

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