Now I have hip pain any ideas?

Posted by LouSue on 1/18/99
Have my first podiatrist appt. in 3 weeks, the xray my GP took shows 2 large spurs and 1 odd growth. For 3 years now I have been getting progressively worse with all the classic symptoms but lately my hip hurts worse than my foot. I know that my walking gait is off so this pain makes sense but I can't get it to stop no matter what I do. I tried leg lifts and such exercise as can be done without standing. Any one got any other Ideas? I'm already on all the anti-inflams that my stomach can take. I stand up all day for my job working with my hands so pain pills are out for me. At night my thigh cramps so bad I wake up. The depression over my body failing at the most basic level really hurts my pride as much as my foot and hip. Thanks for listening. Lou 01:13:10

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