Re: The Ossatron and Orthotripsy

Posted by Heather on 1/19/99
Thanks for the info about the Ossatron. I have had PF for about 1.5 years and have tried everything - cortisone, icing, anti-inflammatories, orthotics (two different types), a night splint, ultrasound - you name it. It is excruciating. I am now seeing a chap in Toronto who actually suggested the night splint (which didn't help) and he told me about a procedure which sounds like what you have described as Orthotripsy. I can't believe it is actually in Toronto - that's where I live. I never have luck like that. My big concern is cost - does anybody have any idea what the cost is for this treatment, since OHIP doesn't cover it? THANKS! 14:36:08

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