Re: Podiatrist or orthopaedist???

Posted by Barbara on 1/20/99
Dear Megan: I went to a Podiatrist who did the usual things--hard plastic orthotics which I wore faithfully for 6 months and did not work, stretching exercises which do work, cortisone shot, which did not work. I am now seeing an orthopedic surgeon who said he never gives cortisone in the heel because of the danger of causing permanent damage to the heel pad. He has given me foot strengthening exercises which he said were the only thing that caused his pf (which he had for three years) to go away. The underlying cause of pf according to him is weak feet, specifically the muscles that support the arch. He is sending me to physical therapy starting today to get me motivated to do the exercises. He also sent me to get a different kind of orthotic (not the hard plastic kind) which were made to fit and cost 1/3 the price of the other orthotics. I have worn the new ones for two days and must admit they feel great and have relieved the stress on the heel enormously. It might take up to six months of the strengthening exercises for the pf to go away but he swears it will so I am giving it a try. I would never go to a podiatrist again. 11:37:44

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