Re: Wellies, overshoes, galoshes, boots, etc.

Posted by Barb Zimmer on 1/21/99
I recently bought Men's Sonoma Mid high boots (found at Sportmart, and Erehwon) that are just perfect for this Chicago winter. My feet are warm and my Birk full inserts that have the cork under piece fit absolutely perfectly in them. I was in a panic to try and find something after that first storm. I didn't want to ruin my winter Birks. I also have a rather cheap pair of chukas from Payless that accomodate my 3/4 length Birk inserts. This last pair of boots were my daughter's that I had to wear until I found my own. I tried the Salomon pair that I think someone mentioned but they would be way too short for the snow we've had (over 20 inches). 00:36:04

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