Had PF surgery November 30, 1998

Posted by Milton Bradford on 1/21/99
I am glad I have found this page, and am looking forward to share my experience with others. I am almost 2 months into my surgery and I have mixed feelings to its effectiveness at this point. I had the older type of surgery where no scope was used but a direct incision approximately 2 inches long into the side of my heel. The doctor told me that he 3/4 servered the plantar fascia. I previously had chronic heel pain for almost 2 years and went through all the conservative treatments without success. Finally, I relented and had the surgery. My heel is still sore but in a slightly different way. I still have pain in the morning but not as intense or as long. I am hoping that this is a part of the healing process that is still taking place. I really want to run again the 6 miles every other day. If you have had previous surgery similar to mines please share results. Thank you
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