Misdiagnosis on PF

Posted by Tom on 1/21/99
I am a marathon runner who was diagnosed with PF by a podiatrist after complaining about high arch pain. I was prescribed a pair of orthodics that slightly improved my condition, however, the pain never completely subsided. After a 6 month lay off from running (my first injury in 15 years)I tried to run again and the pain I thought I had gotten over came right back. I tried another podiatrist(running-related injury specialist) who explained that my condition was not PF but a tearing of the small muscles in the arch. He promised me it would clear up with slight adjustment in my orthodics and a few sessions of therapy. I am cautious but hopeful.

As I read the various messages on this board and complaints of others with PF, the only difference I noticed between my condition and others was that my pain subsided after a night of sleep and did not hurt in the morning but intensified as the day went on.

Perhaps my experience can help others. Good luck.
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