Re: Myofascial Release, upper body

Posted by Helen on 1/21/99
Hi, just found this board today. Last April I had to give up running because of pf. I was led to a massage therapist/body structuralist (?) who said that my problem originates in my outer hip muscle. She diagnosed this by looking at my knees. When I stand on both feet in my normal stance, my right knee "looks" to the left and my left knee "looks" to the right. You can see this easily by looking at self in mirror. She said that your knees should "look" straight out over your foot. Then she had me squeeze my buttocks together. Lo and behold, my knees realigned themselves over my feet. I was given a series of exercises to strengthen my outer hip muscles and was told to pay attention to my standing and walking posture (i.e., keep buttocks squeezed - this will become more natural in time). As a lousy forced exercizer, I have not been faithful to the exercises but I do try to work on my posture when I stand and walk and I find a lot of relief in doing that. I wear orthodics in Clark's shoes - had to give up my tennies. And have been told to wear only shoes that lace up or tighten up over the top of the foot. The Clarks plus orthos has been wonderful.. 11:22:12

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