Re: Had PF surgery Jan 13

Posted by Marie on 1/21/99

I had surgery done on Jan 13.Also the old way, but with full release and removal of heel spur on
right foot. DR. said this way had a little better results than EPF. Still sore, I expected that, but
front of foot feels unsteady. Still, it hasn't been that long and am trying to think positive. I have
gotten some good advice about vitamins and supplements that some say have helped by reading
the posts here. If all goes well, I will have left foot done asap. Like someone said before...I just
want to get back to normal. In the past year I have put on about 25 lb due to inactivity which is
kind of depressing in itself, but also makes the condition worse. I have a stationary bike and have
read mixed theories on this. Anyway, the stiches come out tomarrow and will get Dr.s opinion on
that. 23:07:50 23:27:48

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