Re: Lokking for relief

Posted by Shelby on 1/21/99
I've had this problem for years. I haven't been able to exercise. Walking the dogs is a painful task. I've had 3 pair of custom made orthodics and countless pairs of over the counter orthodics.I've had cortizone shoots, accupuncture, etc etc. I haven't found anything to help. Doctors constantly suggest the custom made orthodics in athletic shoes....that is the most painful for me. I've tried Birks, but I also find them very painful. I do better with a heel. Does anyone remember years ago when Dr. Scholl had the Sasshay sandals. They were like a rubber and molded to your foot...those were comfortable, but you they are no longer made. I saw some mention of the Dansko shoes. Has anyone had any luck with those? This board has been a great find.I think I've learned that perhaps I have heel pain because of the way I stand...with my knees bowed back and all of my weight on my heels. Thanks to everyone for all of the knowledge I'm gaining. 23:45:29

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