Re:Birk inserts vs Birk sandals

Posted by Robin on 1/23/99
My personal feeling is that physicians don't have the faintest idea what works with PF. They have suggestions. Some suggestions work for some people; some don't. Just about everyone on this board has consulted someone in the medical profession; few of us can claim a cure. My own experience was a podiatrist whose solution was $350 orthotics, and an orthopedic surgeon who suggested stretch stretch stretch, ice ice ice. But from this board I have read personal experiences and that is the most helpful in deciding what to do.

Me, I like Birks and glucosamine sulfate for now. Not a cure, but they do allow me to walk around. I have tried athletic shoes, Spenco arch supports, OTC arch supports -- and Birks work for me because: 1) I need a high and strong arch support and Birks have it; 2) I like the low footbed of the shoe and the wide toe area. When I got fitted for Birks the lady in the story said, "Your feet need support. If they have support, they don't need cushioning." As for the inserts, I have nothing to offer. Haven't tried them yet. Several people have posted about having better luck with Birks than the inserts, at least at first blush. 16:37:33

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