Re: Shoes for Orthotics

Posted by Robin on 1/23/99
Sue, when you got your Birkenstock inserts, did you not bring with you the shoes or pairs of shoes you want to use them with??? When I bought my first pair of Birks (at a Birkenstock store), the saleslady who fitted me told me that if I wanted to pursue the inserts, I should bring in at least one or two pairs of shoes I thought I would want to put them in and she would help me with them. How is it that a nurse fitted you for a Birkenstock insert? Maybe you could call her and tell her you would like her to work with you AND your shoes??

Anyway -- as I'm sure you have read from this board -- the people who know best about WHEN plantar fasciitis hurts are the people who have it -- and many of us hurt much more than just in the morning. If it was just in the morning -- don't know about anyone else, but my worries would be over. 16:47:25

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