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Posted by Robin on 1/24/99
I hate to say welcome, but -- welcome. This is a great board. Lots of support, tons of information. I have had PF since last summer; before that I walked 4-5 miles per day for years and years on end. My life hasn't been the same since PF struck. For a condition which is not life-threatening or even medically serious (like MD, MS, etc.), PF is one of the most disabling and restrictive conditions I have ever seen -- and unfortunately experienced.

Please take the time to read through the message board. A lot of people here say it, but it's really true -- different things work for different people. You WILL have to try remedies on your own and evaluate your own results. Don't presume that because something works for 10 or 12 or 20 people, it works for you. (Stretching for example. About 90% of the people on this board seem to really subscribe to it -- but I am one of the people who is not helped by it. I learned it the hard way.) Personally, I'm using vitamin C, glucosamine sulfate and Birkenstocks -- with modest success.There are lots of choices and things to try -- cortisone injections and surgery often being at the bottom of the list. Numerous people here have had success with acupuncture, and the new orthotripsy treatment looks promising too. (It's called OssaTron throughout this board. You can read a lot about it here.) 06:01:25

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