Re: Frustrated in NC!!!!

Posted by Robin on 1/24/99
Hi Lynne. I have spoken with both a podiatrist and an orthopedic surgeon about PF. Neither rated a 10 from me, but --

The podiatrist was very cavalier. Diagnosed PF (which I already knew), suggested I try an over-the-counter arch support and if that didn't work, he would make me $350 custom orthotics. When I asked him if that was all he could suggest, he said it was.

The ortho surgeon I spoke with said -- right off the bat -- DON'T let anyone operate on your feet. Absolutely the last resort he said. I think that orthopods may be far more willing than podiatrists to try a wide range of remedies and treatment methods. I think they are used to this approach in dealing with other orthopedic issues.

Overall ,however, there appears to be no one remedy that works for everyone. You just have to keep trying till you find the right combination. 06:09:36

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