Re: Wellies, overshoes, galoshes, boots, etc.

Posted by Barb Zimmer on 1/24/99
I wrote last week about the boots that seem to fit the Birks's Blue inserts the best, but I didn't realize that I never had given the correct brand of boot until I was cleaning my sewing room yesterday and found the box. The Columbia men's Sonoma Midhigh is the name of the boot. With the Blue insert (Birk) I can hardly tell I have a PF problem. Today I'm off to buy the anti-fatigue mat that is advertised at Menard's. I want to use it on the rug in the kitchen. I can pinpoint my exact moment that PF took hold--the very first day we stood on our brand new wood kitchen floor in socks cleaning all the sawdust out of our pantry. I never went barefoot before and we couldn't wear shoes for a week in the kitchen. 11:01:38

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