Re: WOW, I'm not alone!

Posted by Dayna on 1/25/99
Unfortunately no, you are not alone. Fortunately, you found a group of people who understand what you're going through and really support whatever you're feeling as a result of your PF. I found this board when my 'good' foot, the one that had never had any problems, all of the sudden became extremely painful. I'd been doing everything right, thought I could keep it from coming back if I was a good girl and wore my orthotics all the time, wrong. I was so scared and angry, this board saved my sanity and helped me put things into perspective. I'm ok now, most days I barely know it's there, but I know that if it gets bad again I can come here for support and help. I agree, my one cortizone shot was 100 times worse than the PF it was supposed to cure, and it didn't last 2 weeks anyway. That's not the answer.

What kind of work do you do that you have to stand and lift 8 hours a day? Can you change careers? Can you get disability and/or workers comp and then get into an approved re-training program for a less foot-strenuous job? I'm afraid that might be your only option if the surgery does not work, and even if it does continuing the same activity that aggravates the PF is likely to keep aggravating it. Unfortunately, PF changes your whole lifestyle, it really should be an acknowledged disability just like arthritis.

Keep reading the board, and go back through the previous messages for ideas. There's a lot of history here, don't get overwhelmed, just scan for subject lines and read selectively. We're here to help, keep us informed about your progress, we do care. 10:50:03

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