Re: pf PAIN on balls of feet - but also in heel

Posted by alex on 1/26/99
I too have occasional pain in the ball of the foot - feels like it is being severely constricted - and then I get some numbness. This is not regular - maybe once a week or so. Each morning I have severe stiffness in the heel (goes away after two 30-second stretches), and can feel the PF all day every day - pain sometimes worse than others. Since I had two series of acupuncture treatments I have not had the searing pain I used to get. I also take 1500mg Glucosomine Sulfate and mega-vitamins daily. My real concern is that I am learning to liuve with PF rather than getting better.... I have always been so optimistic but after 6 months of this (and reading the horror stories on this board) I begin to wonder........ 01:47:31

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