Posted by Barb Zimmer on 1/26/99
I agree with Robin's message. Because of reading EVERY message on this board last May I bought the Arizona style Birks and found instant relief from PF. This September I bought the Memphis style Birk for an enclosed shoe for the winter, but with the shoe and slush I didn't want the $180 shoes ruined so I got the second set of Birk inserts (this time the full length with the cork second piece) and found Columbia men's Sonoma style boots for the snow. Wonderful with the inserts. Last week while shopping in Oak Brook, IL I tried on a pair of Super Birki Clogs, in the hopes that I could get a third pair of Birks (rather cheaply-$61) for the warmer winter messy days. They too are wonderful. I'm now the proud owner of three pairs of Birks. This latest pair is usually worn in the summer, but with socks they feel great and I will also be able to wear the same size in the summer because PF feet swell and need plenty of room in shoes to be comfortable. I also just bought a second anti-fatigue mat for working in the kitchen on the hardwood floors (a REAL killer). The mat will go on an area rug. 07:26:02

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