Had a heel spur cut off 14 days ago...Help!

Posted by Tim Scully on 1/26/99
I have been trying to find information on something called Haglund's Deformity. But when I search it, I get "heel spurs". I had a bone growth on the back of my ankle bone, surrounded by two bursitis sacks. The growth inflammed my achilles tendon and caused a lot of pain in the back of my foot. I went from playing basketball twice a week, to needing a cart just to play nice holes of golf.
I tried Daypro, ice, ultrasound, tape, shoe inserts, all kinds of stuff. It would make my foot feel better until about a week after the treatment stopped, then it would flame up again. I had surgery on 01/12/99 to have the bone cut and filed smooth.
I then spent 10 days in a bandage with no weight bearing and on 01/22/99 was put in a "cam walker" which is kind of like a boot/brace. I don't think what I experienced is the same thing this page is about, as I have heard no mention of the plantar from my doctor. Plus my pain is more above and next to the heel rather than the heel itself or the bottom of the foot.
Now that I'm in a walker, praying that when it comes off I will have 100% use again, I would like to do a little research on the condition and operation I had. ( I know, I know, it would have made more sense to do this before the surgery). I would really appreciate any reference material you could recommend. Thanks for your help.

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