Re: Will I ever be cured?? Or is it a syptom of something more?

Posted by Robin on 1/26/99
Hi Scarlett, me again. Yes, unfortunately, my pain extends beyond the heel. Somedays it's just the heel. Somedays it's my whole foot. When my foot hurts, it feels like the days when I used to wear cheap shoes. After 8 hours of working in them, my feet just ached like crazy all over and I couldn't wait to get home and kick those shoes off.

Now, thanks to PF, that's what my feet feel like sometimes even when I'm wearing my Birkenstocks -- just an all over unceasing ache, like cheap shoes. By the way, I have a former boss who swears by magnets for her back. She has tried everything including acupuncture and surgery -- and magnets do it for her. I may try them myself -- what's another $20 or $30. 16:16:09

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