Re: Knee pain with orthotics

Posted by Michaele on 1/26/99
I've had orthotics for just a week, and it does feel like tennis balls in my shoes... I was told to use them sparingly at first, to get used to them a bit at a time, which I've been doing. I use my recently acquired massage sandals (the ones with the knobbies in them) as an alternative, which helps to massage some of the areas that hurt. It also took careful getting used to... using the massage sandals only a couple of minutes the first time, up to five minutes, just standing while drying my hair (or whatever), then walking a little, and now I can walk around the office in them fairly comfortably. The most immediate benefit that I have received is from reflexology... that seems to help with the inflamation fairly rapidly, and with rest, massage sandals, stretching exercises, etc., I think I'm heading in the right direction, though not quickly... I will have setbacks, too, as one tends to push ones self too much sometimes. I've not had knee pain as such but I've had a few stiff muscles up my legs, as my legs and feet are in a slightly different position, and pulling on different muscles, with the support of the orthotics. Take it easy and in time I'm sure you will do just fine. 16:55:31

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