Elastic ankle brace as Sock alternative (?)

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Posted by Regina S. on March 20, 1998 at 13:22:02:
This website is a godsend! I've had PF for over 2 years. After stretching and the no-bare-feet rule I gained some relief but had a major relapse after a trip to Disney World (all that walking!) Now things are worse than ever, but I've just bought some Danskos and Birks and am hopeful again.

I was wondering if anyone has tried the elastic ankle braces you can buy at any drugstore. I found these give me some relief, and after reading about the Sock, I can sort of see why. They support my weakened ankles, they provide a slight massaging action, and the strap that fits under the arch helps support it. The tightness of the band helps a little with keeping your foot from flopping.

I thought that folks who found the Sock was interfering with sleep might want to try the ankle brace. I don't think this could harm a person's foot, however, I am not a doctor so use at your own risk.

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