Re: heel spurs - pain for life?

Posted by jimmy on 1/26/99
my heel spur story is still going on,i had been going to a doctor who
was treating me for a plantars wart on the bottom of my foot. i first
thought the shaving and freezing every other week would take care of
the soreness and the wart. so one night after awaking at 2:00am in the morning from
the pain,i went to another podiatrist who x-rayed the foot
and saw the spur. after 4 shots,two months of ultra- sound treatments
and massages i am not better than i was 8 mths ago. i still have alot
of pain. he told me to use a heated parafin wax that the insurance
paid for and dip my heel in it and let the heated wax bring the blood
to my heel and this will speed up the recovery of the fascia muscle.
no where do i see heat as a cure! should i be icing it? 23:19:30

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