Heel Spurs-Minimal Incision Surgery

Posted by Florence on 1/27/99
In 1990 I had minimal incision surgery on my left heel. I was put to sleep and the Dr. took the spur off my heel by using a flouriscope (sp?). I was disappointed at first and felt like I didn't gain at all. But slowly but surely the pain disappeared and I was virtually pain free for nearly 8 years. Lately the pain is back. I have a new spur. But I have gained 60 pounds (my lifelong story) so I do blame some of the pain on that. Additionally, he warned me that it would probably come back. If I had to have my heel pad cut like others I know, I would not go through it. But as bad as the pain was in 1990, I would go through it again to have 8 years pain free. For now, my answer is going to be losing some weight. It has often brought me some measure of relief...however I am about 100 pounds overweight so it seems reasonable that this would be a strain on anything.

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