Re: heel spurs - pain for life?

Posted by Dayna on 1/27/99
Not all heel spurs hurt, mine don't, they grow straight forward to take the strain off my PF tendon. I had them for years before the PF showed up. My podiatrist said there's no point in taking the spur off, the tendon's too short as it is, best case they'd come back, and they're not what's causing the pain so why bother. The heel spurs may be a symptom of the PF, not the cause, if this was a "you have heel spurs hence you have PF" 5 minute exam, I suggest you get another opinion, many of us here have proven that some doctors aren't worth the ink on their diplomas when it comes to PF.

I have very flat feet and have to wear my orthotics and shoes 23 1/2 hours a day, only get to go without them in the shower (have other shoes for that and a bench so I don't have to stand). You might not have flat feet and/or have to be so drastic about wearing shoes all the time, but do try not to go barefoot if at all possible. Best relief I've found is ice and reasonable use of feet, luckily I have a desk job. Other thing I can recommend, again, don't know if you have flat feet or not, is good shoes that lace all the way up the foot, no slip-ons, if you can't do that use arch support bands. They should be tight but not painfully so, and practice curling your toes under and then extending them, that helps the tendon relax before you stand on it, reduces the chance of tearing, inflammation and pain. 15:49:46

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