Help for my PF PLEASE!!!!

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Posted by Amy B. on March 21, 1998 at 20:20:37:
My doctor has diagnosed me with PF. The only thing he is willing to do is put me on Alleve (1000MG/day). It's not working at all and I have quit taking it because it has increased the burning in my feet. I know I don't have heel spurs because I have had x-rays done recently. I want to know if anybody has any suggestions. I am an x-ray tech and I am constantly on feet. Some Orthopedic Surgeons I know don't recommend cortisone shots because it has the potential to snap the tendons. I exercise my feet at night with one of the rollers you can purchase at the Body Shop, and it is not working. I am getting very aggravated by all of this and seems that my doc really doesn't want to help with my pain. If anybody has any suggestions, I am willing to try anything (except stay off my feet!).

Thank You,


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