Re: Feeling Defeated

Posted by Robin on 1/27/99
PF is a horrible little condition. I have had it about as long as you, and there are days (actually, nights) I just pray that I'll wake up tomorrow and find it was all a bad dream and I can walk around freely again. But, that hasn't happened yet.

The majority of people posting on this board have had to quit or severely modify their exercise programs, me included. I know you probably hated to give up aerobics, but your feet really need you to. I too gave up a vigorous walking program. (I have gained both weight and depression since then.) I have not much besides empathy to offer, but I do know that relief is a very individual issue. Try not to give up hope and do keep trying other things. The Lodine should give you some relief -- it may be expensive, but it's a pretty effective drug. Even if you don't take it for long -- ENJOY it if you get even temporary relief. 18:15:53

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