Re: Heelspurs SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP

Posted by Jude on 1/28/99
They sure do,Jimmy.You will find much support here,check it daily we are all in this with you.I use the Strassberg Sock, which I found at and feel they have helped immensely.They keep your toes gently pulled back away from level, and it really eases the morning pain for me.There is some discussion about achilles tendon damage with it, but I have found it doesn't need to be a really tight stretch to work.I also use a frozen coke bottle to roll my burning,aching feet at night.Glucosamine seems to help also,but you need to build it up in your system, it is not an instant relief.The discussion is also with or without chondritin or sulfate.I take it with chond. and it seems to be helping me. Keep reading and gathering information, there is much relief in these messages.Both physical and emotional. 13:58:20

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