Looking for those who have had Endoscopic Plantar Fasiotomy (I'm new & this is kinda long).

Posted by Barbara2 on 1/28/99
I didn't know so MANY people had this awful thing!
Have been struggling with it for 3-1/2 years now.
Have tried cortisone shots, orthodics, heel pads and cups, naprosin and its relatives, ice, heat, taping, stretching, (not neccessarily in that order) and now am 4 weeks into night splints.
All have provided slight short term relief, but I'm now getting to the point I can't walk.
Dr. is recommending Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy, that's the tube thru the heel and snipping 1/3 of the fascia type surgery.
Has anybody out there tried this? How has it worked?
I am also 50 pounds overweight, have any of you that are overweight tried this surgery? What were your results?
Like many of you, a lot of my overweight is result of PF, also I'm limited by a herniated disc. I've been trying swimming/water-walking, but having increased pain as a result.
Have any of you found other exersizes that've helped?
Dr. tells me that it'll take 3-4 months to see results from night splints.
I've read some of the messages, and I have to agree, 'Yippee' doesn't have a clue.
Thanks for listening, any info appreciated.

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