Posted by Sandra Z on 1/29/99
You have a great weekend, too, Becky! I want to encourage you to spend the money on the Mephistos IF 1) you find some with a heel (I have a pair of Mephisto sandals with a one and a half inch heel and they are the ONLY shoes I can walk comfortably in--too bad I live in snow country and can only wear them half the year! The Mephistos have a high arch and good support like Birks, but only some have a heel which takes the pressure off the PF. The flat Mephistos will not help you if flat Birks don't help) and 2) you find a knowledgeable salesperson to fit you properly. I have another pair of Mephistos I bought in France--a nice dressy closed toe leather pair that I can wear to work, but they don't help as much and I think it was because the salesperson and I had trouble communicating. When I got home I noticed they were not the same size as my sandals. Isn't it a real comment on how powerful the PF pain is that when I got my first ever trip to Europe, the first thing I did was go to a shoe store? 08:51:41

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