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Posted by S on 1/29/99 seems I have a lot in common with you and Mimi. I am going
in for surgery in mid-February. I am concerned about the success rate but can't stand this pain any longer. I've tried everything you all have for a couple of years.

Barbara, I'd be interested to hear about your progress in the next couple of weeks. I too have little ones (1 1/2 and 3 1/2 years) and
work a demanding job. It'll be a challenge to keep off my feet.

Was there any discussion of the arthriscopic (sp?) surgery that goes in on the side? I understand the recovery time is much less. My doctor won't do that type...says there is too much risk for permenant damage to the nerves. He's going in from the bottom of my foot and
says to expect 4-6 weeks with no weight bearing activity for recovery.

Also, did you have general or local anethsesia?

I'm very nervous! I'd like to hear more... 11:23:20

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