Re: How much longer... (kinda long)?

Posted by Pinkee on 1/30/99
Dear Becky:

I taught the old testament last year to my Sunday School class. LIke you, I couldn't help but wonder what the point was to all my suffering. Now that I'm no longer in pain, every day is wonderful to me now. I feel like I can deal with anything as long as I'm not in constant physical pain. I had a lot of other problems as well. But the foot pain topped them all. I'd always prayed for help, for several years in fact. But it wasn't until I fasted and prayed that the answers to my problems came to me. I know that my attitude is a lot better than it used to be. I don't take physical comfort for granted anymore. A good day is a day without pain. I hope you find relief. I know how you feel. 00:52:12

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