All natural supplement suppresses appetite and boosts energy..Truly works!!!

Posted by Kerry on 1/30/99
Extra weight can aggravate heel pain, yet heel pain keeps us from exercising to lose or maintain weight...this can be depressing which can cause some to gain weight! I have been using an ALL NATURAL dietary supplement called METABOLIFE 356. It is a combination of natural ingredients that 1.) boost energy! and 2.) suppress appetite
and 3.) increase your metabolism. I know this sounds too good to be true and I don't have any stock in the company (I tried to buy some, but it is privately owned!) I began taking Metabolife in November and have lost 9 pounds without an increase in exercise. It does take away that urge to snack all the time. Two people I know lost weight with it and when I saw their results, I started taking it. Since I started 6 of my friends have started with the same good results I have been experiencing. It is advertised all over the Internet(cheaper) and sold in malls(much higher), but look around and try to find it for about $33.95 plus $3.00 s/h for a bottle of 90. I take four a day, but dosage varies
person to person. 08:45:23

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